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Depending on the kind of car you drive, replacing the key that just flew out of your hands and skittered down the storm drain might be easy, or really tricky. If you have a normal car key well, you’re in luck. Those are a snap, and all it takes is a drive-or a walk-down to Security Unlimited Locksmith, the best car locksmith in LA. They’ll get you a new set of car keys in no time.

If you have a transponder key, however, it’s a tad trickier. It isn’t just the key that has to be replaced and recut, after all. There’s a special computer chip in the key that transmits a message to a matching chip in the car, telling the car that yes, this key is authorized to start this vehicle. Cars that have transponder keys will not start if the key is incorrectly programmed, so it takes a special car locksmith in LA to pull off replacing your transponder key. Luckily, we happen to be specialists in this area.

What’s that? You have a motorcycle? Why didn’t you say so? We do motorcycle keys in North Hills and the surrounding areas too. We have a lot of clients come in after their motorcycle has been stolen and reclaimed, wanting to change the lock and get new keys. There have also been some crazy stories about lost keys on the freeway, but however it happened, we understand the urgent need for a new set of keys.

But our expertise is not just limited to transponder keys and motorcycle keys in North Hills. We’re also on call for when you break a key off in your car door and can’t get it out, fixing that busted door lock, and opening trunks that have jammed shut. We have a large knowledge base that includes both foreign and domestic vehicles, and you can always ask about our high-security keys. To talk to an expert locksmith about your needs, call Security Unlimited Locksmith today!