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Rekeying Your Locks

Re-Keying Your Locks

Re-keying a lock means to change a lock to allow a different key to unlock it. It is a process that is used when an owner of the lock becomes concerned that their lock may be opened by unauthorized parties. Re-keying is a process in which the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock is changed, so that a new key will function, rendering the old key useless. Re-keying is a process that does not require the replacement of an entire lock, but simply reconfiguring or replacing a part.

Rekeying is a process that is done to a house or business to reset the security of the locks. It is generally done with the introduction of new residents and business owners, so that they are the only ones with access. If you have purchased a new home, re-keying your locks is essential, as your locks are compromised, because you do not know who else might have a copy of the key. Security Unlimited Locksmith provides these services to ensure your home or business is safe and secure. The same applies to those who have recently bought an existing business, or have moved into a different location. Re-keying locks can also help to reduce clutter on your keychain, as it can allow for the same key to be used on different locks.

At Security Unlimited Locksmith in Los Angeles, re-keying is a popular service that is provided to many businesses and residences that are looking to tighten their security. Re-keying your locks provides many benefits, as it helps to ensure anyone with an old key to your home or business no longer has personal access to your properties. By cutting off any outsiders, you are now able to have peace of mind about your belongings being burglarized, and you are able to know who is accountable for any security breaches from inside, such as theft by employees. Re-keying locks is an important step to take to improve your security measures, as well as simplifying security and saving key space. The process of rekeying locks is also a cheaper procedure compared to replacing locks completely.

Benefits of re-keying your locks:

  • Cheaper than replacing locks
  • Restores full security of locks
  • Denies access to those with old keys
  • You are the only one with the key
  • Less keys, less clutter on your keychain

Rekeying your locks is a very important procedure that you should consider whenever you feel that the security of your properties is being compromised. If you lose a key to the front door of your home or business, it may be time to rekey your locks, so as to prevent any possible loss from any outside forces. Protect your property and investments by having your local locksmith rekey your locks.