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When you look around your house, is it easy to see where your valuables are? Is your jewelry hanging out of an overstuffed case? Are your bonds hidden in an unlocked file cabinet? Leaving your valuables in plain sight or easy reach is a mistake many homeowners make, assuming they will never be burglarized. The risk of being stolen from is often greatly decreased with the purchase of a safe. Safes also tend to lower the risk of valuables being ruined by fire and flood, by housing such things inside a thick protective casing. Safes are also good places to store important documents, including all personal identification, and any digital records you may wish to keep sealed away.

There are many different kinds of safes, and ways to hide them. The locks are as varied as the safes themselves, with old fashioned combination locks, electronic keypad locks, and even biometric locks which only open to the unique fingerprint coded in the system.

We would be more than happy to discuss what type of safe might be best for your needs. For more information, call us at 818-892-1109 today!